An Introduction to the American Rite

These web pages are intended to serve as an informative introduction to the subject of Witchcraft. Witchcraft is a word with an almost wholly negative meaning to most people. It is hoped that by these web pages you may, perhaps for the first time, be exposed to the Craft in a positive way. The facts about the Old religion are almost impossible to uncover, for all that has been written about it for several hundred years has been written by its enemies and detractors.

The ideas and concepts that you will be exposed to in these web pages may or may not be appealing or meaningful to you, but regardless of this it is hoped that it will be informative and may lead to greater understanding.

The love of mankind, expressed in acts of love is the greatest service to the Mother and Father and the love of one for another is the great harmony which is the hope which holds mankind together now in the Age of Aquarius. Increased knowledge brings greater understanding and this is the Way to Wisdom.

Blessed Be!

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